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Wedding Reception Painting Procedure


1. Book the date, 1/3 of fee is due at this time.


2. Choose the size and scene desired. The contract is signed.


3. Additional 1/3 is due 30 days before the wedding.


4. Jim arrives at the reception about 1 hour before the guests and sets up.


5. Jim paints and take photos during the reception.


6. Jim will finish the painting in his studio, and will deliver it about 1 month after the

     reception. The balance of fee is due on delivery.



Reception Painting Sizes and Prices


16 x 20   $1200

20 x 24   $1800

Trio package: three 11 x 14 paintings, $1800




Wedding Portraits


1. Choose painting size and subject(s). Contract is signed, with 1/3 of fee due.


2. Jim will take photos of the person or people to be in the painting. It is possible to         work from your photographer's photos, if given permission.


3. Portraits take 2 to 3 months to finish.


Portrait Sizes and Prices (prices are per person)


16 x 20   $1500

20 x 24   $2000

24 x 30   $2500



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